Furbaby Showers Delivery Rider w/ Affection Instead of Guarding House


Heartwarming Video Shows Furbaby Showering Delivery Rider with Affection Instead of Guarding the House The heartwarming video of a furbaby showering a delivery rider with love and affection instead of guarding the house goes viral. A video uploaded by furparent Lara has captured the hearts of netizens as it showcases her adorable furbaby, Shelby, showering … Read more

Lady Customer Slams ‘Dugyot’ Delivery Rider After ‘Kumurot’ in Portion of ‘Chicken Skin’

Lady Customer

Lady Customer Airs Dissatisfaction After ‘Dugyot’ Delivery Rider Allegedly Remove a Part of Her ‘Chicken Skin’ CHICKEN JOY – A lady customer lambasted ‘dugyot’ delivery rider after allegedly stealing a portion of her ‘chicken skin’. A netizen shared an unpleasant experience with an alleged “dugyot” delivery rider who allegedly steal a part of everyone’s favorite … Read more

Delivery Rider Sings “Kordero ng Diyos” While Trying to Deliver Food in Scary Cemetery

Delivery Rider

Delivery Rider Goes Viral for Singing “Kordero ng Diyos” in Scary Cemetery KORDERO NG DIYOS – A delivery rider singing “Kordero ng Diyos” while trying to deliver food in a scary cemetery. Delivery riders are enduring the hardships and difficulties of their jobs just to earn money for their family. Most of them are braving the … Read more

Delivery Rider Eats After Invited to Birthday Party “Akala ata mahiyain ako”

Delivery Rider

Delivery Rider Goes Viral After Eating in Birthday Party ““Inaya ako kumain mga paps, Akala ata mahiyain ako” A delivery rider goes viral for eating at a birthday party after being invited “Inaya ako kumain mga paps, akala ata mahiyain ako”. Delivery riders are considered as ‘front liners’ and modern-day heroes for delivering goods to … Read more

Delivery Rider Airs Dismay After Customer Cancels Order Worth P3, 000

Delivery Rider

Delivery Rider Earns Sympathy Online After Customer Cancels Order Worth P3, 000 ORDER CANCELLATION – A delivery rider has expressed his disappointment after his customer canceled the order worth P3, 000. Over the past few years, a lot of delivery workers are complaining against customers who were canceling orders and making fake bookings. The riders usually pay … Read more