Angeline Quinto Sings “At Ang Hirap” While Playing Lato-Lato Toy

Angeline Quinto

Angeline Quinto Sings “At Ang Hirap” While Playing Lato-Lato Toy The Pinay singer Angeline Quinto goes viral online for singing “At Ang Hirap” while playing the popular ‘lato-lato’ toy. In an era where digital gadgets and virtual entertainment dominate the lives of children, it is refreshing to rediscover the charm of traditional toys. Among these nostalgic treasures … Read more

Toni Gonzaga’s “Baby Bump” Noticed During Her Interview With Angeline Quinto

Toni Gonzaga

“Baby bump” of Toni Gonzaga noticed by netizens during her interview with Angeline Quinto TONI GONZAGA – The “baby bump” of the actress-television host was noticed during her interview with Angeline Quinto. Recently, Angeline Quinto, the Kapamilya singer known as the “Queen of Movie and Teleserye Theme Songs,” was a guest on “Toni Talks.” The … Read more

Angeline Quinto Shares Reason Why She Wants To Quit Singing

Angeline Quinto

Angeline Quinto on her singing career: “Noong nawala ang Mama, ayoko na.” ANGELINE QUINTO – The singer and “Single Bells” star recently shared the reason why she wanted to quit singing. The singer-actress recently appeared in the latest episode of Toni Gonzaga’s “Toni Talks” series on YouTube where she spoke about mourning over her adoptive … Read more

Angeline Quinto Pays Tribute to Jovit Baldivino

Angeline Quinto and Jovit Baldivino

Tribute message of Angeline Quinto to Jovit Baldivino ANGELINE QUINTO – The family of the Pilipinas Got Talent (PGT) Season 1 grand winner released an official statement following the singer’s death. The entertainment industry is mourning the death of the singer. Jovit died on Friday, December 9 at around 4:00 a.m. at the age of … Read more

Angeline Quinto, Nonrev Daquina had Secret Wedding? Singer Puts End to Speculations

Angeline Quinto, Nonrev Daquina Secret Wedding

Angeline Quinto Speaks on Relationship, Wedding w/ Non-Showbiz Fiance Nonrev Daquina ANGELINE QUINTO – The Kapamilya singer put an end to speculations that she and her partner, Nonrev Daquina, had a secret wedding. One of the celebrities in the showbiz industry who can do both acting and singing is Kapamilya actress-singer Angeline Quinto. Her showbiz … Read more