Angeline Quinto Shares Reason Why She Wants To Quit Singing

Angeline Quinto on her singing career: “Noong nawala ang Mama, ayoko na.”

ANGELINE QUINTO – The singer and “Single Bells” star recently shared the reason why she wanted to quit singing.

The singer-actress recently appeared in the latest episode of Toni Gonzaga’s “Toni Talks” series on YouTube where she spoke about mourning over her adoptive mother, Sylvia or Mama Bob.

To recall, her adopted mother passed away last November 2020.

Angeline Quinto
Angeline Quinto | Screenshot from Toni Gonzaga Studio video on YouTube

The singer-actress said in an interview with Toni Gonzaga that she was still living in her Mama Bob’s house when she found out that she was pregnant, but she transferred to another place after a number of months.

According to her, she remembered telling her Mama Bob that she can’t handle being in pain because she wanted to have a fresh start when she eventually give birth to her child.

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Angeline also admitted that she usually found herself in distress most of the time since she was staying in her Mama Bob’s house during the earlier stretch of her pregnancy during that time.

She went on to tearfully confess that her Mama Bob’s death even made her contemplate about quitting her career in singing.

Noong nawala ang Mama, ayoko na. Ayoko nang gawin ang lahat, ultimo ang pagkanta ko. Parang nawala na ‘yung laging papalakpak para sa akin,” she said. “Kaya ngayon, kapag kumakanta ako, gusto ko laging may isang upuan para [maramdaman] ko na lagi siyang nandyan.

Angeline then admitted that being a first-time mom to baby Sylvio helped her cope with her loss as it taught her about re-aligning her own priorities in life.

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