Angeline Quinto Sings “Kris TV” Theme Song In Front Of Kris Aquino

ANGELINE QUINTO – The OPM singer sang the theme song of magazine show “Kris TV” in front of Queen of All Media Kris Aquino.

Kris Aquino posted a video on Instagram where Angeline can be seen singing the song in front of her. In the caption of her post, she also thanked the OPM singer for visiting her in the United States.

Thank you for visiting me @loveangelinequinto… It’s a great feeling to reminisce. That’s the good thing about the past, you get to choose which memories to bring with you,” Kris Aquino said to Angeline Quinto.

Angeline Quinto Reveals She and Her Family Visited Kris Aquino In US

Angeline Quinto: “I miss you and I love you ate Kris”

ANGELINE QUINTO – The OPM singer recently revealed that she visited Kris Aquino in the United States together with her family.

Kris’ sons Bimby and Josh, as well as Batangas Vice Governor Mark Leviste, were also present at that time, as seen in the photos she posted on her social media account.

In the caption, Angeline told Kris that she has been wanting to visit her in the United States for a long time and they finally met again. She also said that she and her family will always come to her when they get back there.

Angeline Quinto Kris Aquino
Photo: Angeline Quinto / Instagram

The singer even expressed her love for Kris and also thanked Bimby, Josh, and Mark.

I miss you and I love you ate Kris … Ang tagal na kitang gustong puntahan sa US at finally nagkita na ulit tayo. Get well soon ate. ‘Pag nakabalik kami d’yan, lagi ka naming pupuntahan,” she said. “Thank you, Josh, Bimb, and Kuya Mark @markleviste … We love you ate @krisaquino.

Angeline’s post already has more than 22,000 likes as of this writing.

Meanwhile, Kris posted a video on her social media account where she can be seen listening to Angeline singing the theme song of her magazine show “Kris TV”. She even expressed her gratitude to the singer for visiting her in the United States.

The Queen of All Media went on to give an update about her health, saying that she’s undergoing “very physically demanding treatments” such as her methotrexate and her Dupixent.

Kris shared that she got her latest blood panel. According to her, apart from her very low hemoglobin, all her autoimmune markers are “slowly improving”. She also said that she’s slowly getting better and by God’s grace, her autoimmune thyroiditis has gone into remission.

And also because my doctors caught it early enough, my 5th autoimmune, the mixed connective tissue disease which was strongly pointing towards RA (rheumatoid arthritis) or SLE (lupus) in my latest panel seem to not be a present threat,” she said. “From 5, i’m now just battling 3, BUT 1 of them is the main contrabida because it’s life threatening.

In the same post, Kris Aquino revealed that she broke up with Mark Leviste as she chose to lessen the stressors in her life and to put her wellbeing first. She also said that she initiated their breakup last November 3, 2023.

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