Toni Gonzaga’s “Baby Bump” Noticed During Her Interview With Angeline Quinto

“Baby bump” of Toni Gonzaga noticed by netizens during her interview with Angeline Quinto

TONI GONZAGA – The “baby bump” of the actress-television host was noticed during her interview with Angeline Quinto.

Recently, Angeline Quinto, the Kapamilya singer known as the “Queen of Movie and Teleserye Theme Songs,” was a guest on “Toni Talks.” The interview revolved around Angge’s experiences as a mother and how she coped with the death of her beloved Mama Bob, which led to her losing interest in singing.

Mama Bob was the one who raised Angeline, so she felt deeply wounded when her grandmother passed away due to a severe illness. However, the attention of netizens during the interview was not only on Angeline but also on Toni Gonzaga-Soriano herself.

Toni Gonzaga
Credit to the rightful owner of the photos

Previously, there were rumors circulating that the TV host-actress is pregnant on her second child with Direk Paul Soriano, who serves as the Presidential Adviser on Creative Communications, although there has been no official confirmation yet. This was noticed by netizens and was even featured on the Facebook page “Isyus.” The post was accompanied by the caption: “Baby bump soft launch?”

In the vlog itself, there were several shots that showed Toni with what appeared to be a noticeable baby bump, even though she was wearing a black dress. Netizens also commented on Toni’s different aura, as if she had gained some weight.

Meanwhile, there has been no confirmation or formal announcement from the couple themselves. Watch the interview in the video below:

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