Vilma Santos Shares Reason Why She Always Holds Handkerchief

Vilma Santos on her handkerchief: “It’s a security blanket”

VILMA SANTOS – The actress recently shared the reason why she’s always holding her handkerchief.

The “Star for All Seasons” said in an interview with at her recent launch as Angkas endorser that she considered her handkerchief as her “security blanket”.

According to her, her handkerchief is her “security blanket” whenever she’s nervous, sad, or happy. She also said that she has a “security blanket” to squeeze whenever she’s sad or angry.

Vilma Santos
Photo: Vilma Santos / Instagram

Aside from this, the “Star for All Seasons” told that she described her “style Vilma Santos” as always wearing a closed neck, long-sleeve top and a bow. She also said that she has many handkerchiefs.

Andito lahat, when I’m nervous, when I’m sad, when I’m happy, this is my security blanket. So ‘pag nalulungkot, at least meron kang pinipisil, ‘pag galit. Security blanket,” Vilma said. “Basta ang alam ko na parati nilang inaano (sinasabi) sa’kin, laging may panyo, laging may bow.

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In a previous interview, the actress said that “Baby Peanut” has the makings of a celebrity, just like her parents Jessy Mendiola and Luis Manzano. She also said she has a feeling that “Baby Peanut” will get into show business when she’s grown up a little.

According to a report on Philippine Star, ride-hailing platform Angkas has partnered with the actress in order to launch a new campaign promoting reliable and safe transportation.

The said campaign highlights the importance of reliable and safe transportation options for commuters in the country.

We are thrilled to partner with Vilma Santos to launch this campaign promoting safe and reliable transportation,” Angkas chief executive officer George Royeca said.

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