Emman Nimedez Shares Recent Condition, Goes Emotional

Emman Nimedez

Emman Nimedez Went Emotional As He Shared His Recent Condition Emman Nimedez, a YouTuber and a vlogger, went emotional as he revealed his recent condition about himself to his supporters. This, as Emman uploaded a video on his EmmanNimedezTV YouTube channel wherein he revealed his recent condition. “KAILANGAN NIYO NA RIN MALAMAN” As per the … Read more

Emman Nimedez Receives YouTube Gold Play Button, Thanks Supporters

Emman Nimedez

Emman Nimedez Thanked His Supporters As He Received His YouTube Gold Play Button. Emman Nimedez, a YouTuber and a vlogger, went emotional as he revealed his recent achievement to his supporters. This, as Emman, through his EmmanNimedezTV YouTube channel, uploaded a video where he unboxed his Gold Play Button as a token of appreciation from … Read more

Korean Actress Choi Ji Woo Welcomes First Child

Choi Ji Woo

Korean Actress Choi Ji Woo Welcomed Her First Daughter Korean actress Choi Ji Woo on Saturday afternoon gave birth to her first daughter. This, as YG Entertainment, her label, confirmed the news. In a statement, YG Entertainment said that the actress gave birth to her daughter, adding that both Choi Ji Woo and her baby … Read more

Dennis Trillo ‘Flexes’ Jennylyn Mercado As He Greets Gf On Her Birthday

Dennis Trillo

Dennis Trillo “flexed” his girlfriend Jennylyn Mercado Dennis Trillo on Friday “flexed” his girlfriend Jennylyn Mercado as he greeted her on her 33rd birthday on social media. This, as Dennis Trillo posted a video of their cute duet on Instagram, captioned as “This is it!!! Flex ko lang yung mahal ko dahil araw niya today”. … Read more

BLACKPINK Lisa’s Luxury Outfit: How Much Does It Costs?


How much does BLACKPINK Lisa’s entire luxury outfit costs? Let’s find out! Lisa, one of the members of the Korean girl group BLACKPINK, shared a photo on social media as she presented her outfit to the group’s fans. This, as Lisa (known as Lalisa Manoban as her real name) posted a photo on her Instagram … Read more

RON MORALES: Here’s the Life of this Former Actor-Model Now

Ron Morales

Life of Former Actor-Model Ron Morales Now After Leaving Showbiz RON MORALES – Here is the life of this former actor-model now after he left the Philippine showbiz industry. Undeniably, being an actor or actress is not a lifetime job for everyone. Though it is a passion of most people who are in the industry, … Read more

Liza Soberano Enraged With the Injustices Happening Around

Liza Soberano

Liza Soberano Enraged With the Injustices Happening Around LIZA SOBERANO – The Filipina actress Liza Soberano expressed her rage and finally speaks up with the injustices happening around lately. Hope Elizabeth “Liza” Soberano or popularly known as Liza Soberano is a Filipino-American actress who has been featured in numerous television programs, commercials, and films. She … Read more

ABS-CBN Launches First Episode Of ‘PaLigayahin Niyo Ako’ With Ivana Alawi

ABS-CBN Airs First Episode Of 'PaLigayahin Niyo Ako' With Ivana Alawi

ABS-CBN launched its first episode of ‘PaLigayahin Niyo Ako’ with Ivana Alawi. ABS-CBN on Thursday launched its first episode of “PaLigayahin Niyo Ako” featuring ABS-CBN’s hottest online sensation Ivana Alawi. Ivana Alawi was supposed to lead the role of Ligaya in the upcoming TV series “Ang Lihim ni Ligaya”, but the said TV series was … Read more