Former Members of KOJC Stage Silent Protest in New York for Quiboloy’s Arrest

For the arrest of Quiboloy, former KOJC members stage a silent protest

KOJC – Former members of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ staged a silent demonstration outside the Philippine Consulate General’s Office in New York, urging authorities to apprehend Pastor Apollo Quiboloy. Quiboloy, the founder of KOJC, is facing legal charges in both the Philippines and the United States.

Arlene Stone, a former member who provided testimony during a Senate inquiry was one of those who participated in the consulate protest. Stone expressed doubts about the authorities’ efforts to locate Quiboloy, despite his status as a wanted individual in the Philippines.

“We are satisfied that he is now wanted in the Philippines, but the way our government is handling the situation is not very promising,” Stone remarked. “We believe that Digong knows where Quiboloy is… If he knows where Quiboloy is, why doesn’t he just point him out for the victims to have justice?” Stone questioned.

Apparently, Duterte refuted allegations of assisting Quiboloy and challenged anyone to search his residence for the KOJC leader. Additionally, GMA News interviewed a witness for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) involved in Quiboloy’s legal cases in the US.

This witness was among those detained by Homeland Security in Hawaii when Quiboloy was apprehended with cash and firearms aboard his private jet. The witness recounted instances of being physically assaulted by Quiboloy with a microphone for their errors. They believe Quiboloy poses a threat and his devoted followers are prepared to defend him, even at the cost of their own lives.

Following the consulate demonstration, they proceeded to Little Manila in Woodside, Queens, where they displayed Quiboloy’s wanted posters. Apart from his legal issues in the Philippines, Quiboloy faces charges including human and s*x trafficking, cash smuggling, and visa fraud.

Meanwhile, Maria De Leon, a travel agent who facilitated fraudulent marriages for KOJC members, is set to be sentenced in January 2025 in Los Angeles. De Leon has reached a plea agreement with the court in exchange for a reduced sentence.

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