Michelle Dee and Oliver Moeller Share What Happened on Their Date

What happened on the first date of Michelle Dee and Oliver Moeller?

MICHELLE DEE and OLIVER MOELLER – The beauty queen-actress and the lawyer shared what happened on their date.

A week following the buzz around their appearance on “EXpecially For You,” we finally received an update! Just before the latest episode of “It’s Showtime,” the segment featured a clip of Michelle and Oliver enjoying a meal together, with Oliver displaying gentlemanly gestures like pulling out Michelle’s chair.

Michelle described their encounter as a “very good first date.” During their conversation, they delved into topics like tattoos and discovered that Oliver has a background in marine biology, coincidentally similar to Michelle’s initial career interest.. In return, Oliver expressed admiration for Michelle, describing her as intelligent and easy to converse with, expressing his desire to deepen their connection.

“We started talking about tattoos and stories and I realized he has a history in marine biology,” the Kapuso actress and beauty queen said. “Fun fact, that was what I was supposed to become,” she said.

Michelle expressed gratitude towards Oliver for taking the chance and participating in a televised date, emphasizing the unexpected yet wonderful encounters life can offer. In a heartfelt moment, Oliver extended his appreciation to Michelle for the date and the time spent together. He expressed his admiration for her as a person and conveyed his interest in getting to know her better, while also wishing her success in her career and personal life.

To recall, Michelle surprised viewers of the debut episode of “It’s Showtime” on GMA-7 by joining “EXpecially For You” as a contestant. During her appearance, the Miss Universe Philippines queen candidly discussed her past experiences with infidelity and outlined her criteria for a partner: hardworking, intelligent, and goal-oriented. “It’s Showtime” made a remarkable debut on GMA last Saturday, also airing on GMA Network’s GTV.

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