Bea Alonzo Deletes Instagram Posts with Dominic Roque Amid Rumored Reconciliation

Amid rumors of reconciliation, Bea Alonzo has deleted all her IG content with Dominic Roque

BEA ALONZO – The award-winning actress deleted all her Instagram posts with her ex-fiancé Dominic Roque.

Bea and Dominic’s love story began quietly, with rumors circulating about their relationship in early 2020. However, they kept their romance private, choosing not to confirm or deny the speculations. It wasn’t until May 2021 that they made their relationship Instagram-official, sharing sweet photos together on social media.

Their bond seemed to strengthen over time, with both Bea and Dominic occasionally posting about each other and appearing in each other’s social media posts. Despite keeping most details of their relationship private, their love for each other was evident in the way they interacted and supported each other publicly.

Two years after being together, Dominic proposed to Bea. However, on February 11, the former couple announced their breakup after rumors about Dom’s sexuality and social status spread. “Some even confirmed our break-up without our consent, and some created ridiculous stories that had no basis and were utterly false, so we felt the need to share this announcement with great sadness, for our peace of mind and our families,” the joint statement of the two, posted on Instagram, reads.

Recently, many netizens believe that the former couple has reconciled, especially when Dom’s selfie video taken at an event went viral. In the viral post, the actor is seen holding a cellphone in one hand, with the actress and his pet dog as his wallpaper.

But Bea’s response to the rumors about their reconciliation was unexpected after she deleted all their photos together, including their sweet photos, as well as some of their travel videos. Also missing from her account is the official statement from Bea confirming their separation.

As of press time, Dominic Roque has yet to give any reaction to what Bea did on her Instagram account.

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