Duterte Slams Bongbong Marcos: “P*tang in* ka, hindi ka nakatapos”

Ex-President Duterte slams President Bongbong Marcos over WPS “gentleman’s agreement”

RODRIGO DUTERTE – The former president criticized President Ferdinand Marcos Jr., alleging that he did not finish college.

In a press conference on April 11, Duterte said that President Marcos should have contacted him regarding the alleged “gentleman’s agreement” in the West Philippine Sea.

It can recalled that before President Marcos went to the US, he said he was “horrified” by the idea that the territory, sovereignty, and sovereignty rights of the Philippines were compromised through a secret agreement. “That is something we still have to clear it up,” said the President.

In respoonse, Duterte said, “Ayaw kong mag-insulto, eh inumpisahan mo eh. Kung tinawagan mo sana ako, ‘di ka makatanggap nito. Ikaw, p*tang in* ka, hindi ka nakatapos. Hanggang second year college ka lang.”

He also insisted that the President should have also asked National Security Advisor Eduardo Año about the reported agreement with China. “I do not decide on my own. When there is a critical issue at hand in front of me, I call the National Security Council. Kung wala akong panahon, ‘yan si Año, Esperon, ang mga military, ang tinatanong ko sa Cabinet.”

Duterte stated that if the agreement is indeed real, he has already informed the military about it. He emphasized the importance of transparency in matters concerning national security and suggested that President Marcos consult his adviser, Año, to confirm the existence of a gentleman’s agreement.

“Yung agreement na ‘yan, kung totoo, nasabi ko na sa military ‘yan. You should not keep anything secret when you are talking about the national security. Ang mga military nandiyan talaga ‘yan. Nandiyan man si Año… adviser mo ‘yan, Bongbong. Tanungin mo kung meron bang gentleman’s agreement,” he said.

As of press time, President Bongbong Marcos has yet to react to the furious remarks of Duterte.

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