Eat Bulaga Faces Backlash from It’s Showtime Fans Over ‘That’s My Boyfriend’ Segment

‘That’s My Boyfriend’ of Eat Bulaga vs ‘EXpecially For You’ of It’s Showtime

EAT BULAGA – The noontime show’s recent introduction of their new segment, “That’s My Boyfriend,” stirred up some controversy among fans of It’s Showtime. The segment aimed to showcase the talents and stories of real couples, adding a fresh twist to the show’s lineup.

However, many It’s Showtime supporters were quick to point out similarities between “That’s My Boyfriend” and one of their segments, “EXpecially For You.” This segment on It’s Showtime reunites former couples to assist one another in finding new love interests, adding an emotional layer to the matchmaking process.

“That’s My Boyfriend halatang ginaya ng Eat Bulaga ang Expecially For You ng Its Showtime
No originality at all and at the end of the day mas sikat pa rin ang segment ng its showtime!” one netizen said.

Critics argued that Eat Bulaga lacked originality in developing their new segment, urging the show to explore more innovative concepts. Suggestions were made to revive classic segments like “That’s My Boy” or “Super Sireyna” instead of imitating their competitors.

Netizens took to social media platforms to express their disappointment, with some urging Eat Bulaga to allocate more time to segments like “Sugod Bahay” rather than investing in what they perceived as a dull imitation.

Despite the backlash, some netizens reminded others that “EXpecially For You” itself was inspired by a segment from TV5’s Tropang LOL, highlighting the cyclical nature of creativity in the entertainment industry.

Ultimately, the debate surrounding the similarities between the two segments reflects the ongoing competition between Eat Bulaga and It’s Showtime, with fans passionately defending their preferred show’s originality and creativity. As both shows continue to innovate and adapt to changing audience preferences, it remains to be seen how they will address criticisms and distinguish themselves in the crowded landscape of noontime television.

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