Diwata’s Fan Tattoos the Face of the Pares Vendor on His Legs

A fan of Diwata tattooed the face of the pares vendor on his legs

DIWATA – A devoted fan of the social media star and entrepreneur demonstrated his admiration by tattooing his face on his legs.

Deo Balbuena, also known as Diwata, is a person who moved from a tough life living under a bridge in Pasay City to becoming a successful business owner with his own food shop. His story is remarkable because it shows how he transformed his life from struggling with poverty to becoming financially successful and well-known on social media.

Diwata’s journey began when he lived under the bridge on Diokno Boulevard, facing daily challenges due to poverty. His fortune changed when he started a small food business near his home, which eventually caught the attention of people.

His small business grew into a busy eatery that earns millions of pesos every month. Diwata’s eatery not only attracts regular customers but has also become a destination for celebrities like Alex Gonzaga and Rendon Labador, enhancing his popularity even further.

Meanwhile, a devoted fan of Diwata demonstrated his admiration for the social media star by tattooing Diwata’s face on his legs. Diwata shared this act of devotion on Facebook, expressing his gratitude for the fan’s effort. “Salamat kuya sa effort God Bless. I really appreciated po love,” Diwata wrote.

While some fans think that certain content creators are just exploiting Diwata’s current popularity, Diwata himself has defended these creators, stating that they have actually helped promote his business without asking for any money.

“Hindi ko iniisip na ginagawa ako gatasan kasi in the first place wala naman silang hiningi sa akin na pera, bagkusa nakakatulong pa sila sa’kin para i-vlog para dumami ang customer, dumami ang makakita para makilala ang Diwata pares,” he explained. Nevertheless, some fans advised Diwata to be cautious about the company he keeps, reminding him that his social media fame might not last forever.

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