Content Creator Visits Bridge Where Diwata Used to Live

The bridge where Diwata used to live was visited by a content creator

DIWATA – A content creator visited the bridge where the social media personality and entrepreneur lived, showing the small space beneath where he slept at night.

Many internet users found inspiration in the story of Deo Balbuena, also known as Diwata, who became famous on social media and now runs a successful eatery in Pasay City. However, before his fame, He lived in poverty for years under the bridge of Diokno Boulevard.

It’s worth noting that Diwata started his business near his makeshift home and caught the attention of content creators who saw him on a news report in 2016. One content creator visited the bridge where he lived, showing the small space beneath where he slept at night.


“Isipin ninyo bago narating ni Diwata ‘yung sitwasyon niya ngayon ay dumaan muna siya sa ganitong pamumuhay sa ilalim ng tulay,” he said. “Grabe ang hirap.” Now, the area has been cleared of people living there, and he lives comfortably elsewhere, far from the uncomfortable shelter he once had under the bridge.

Reports say Diwata now earns millions of pesos every month from his eatery business. Internet users hope Diwata will use his money wisely and plan for his future, knowing that social media fame might not last forever.


Diwata’s paresan business not only attracted patrons but also celebrities. Recently, television personality and vlogger Alex Gonzaga paid a visit to the pares store of the street food vendor. Aside from Alex, controversial social media personality Rendon Labador also visited Diwata’s resto.

To recall, Deo Balbuena, known as Diwata, was apprehended by Pasay City Police Warrant and Subpoena (WSS) operatives in Pasay City on the morning of Tuesday, April 16. The arrest occurred at around 10 a.m. at Diwata’s residence on Diokno Boulevard, Brgy. 76. This was in response to a warrant issued by Pasay City Metropolitan Trial Court (MeTC) Judge Allan B. Ariola of Branch 48 on October 2, 2018, related to a case involving minor physical injuries. After the arrest, Pasay City Police Chief P/Col. Mario Mayames, Jr. stated that Diwata was promptly released upon posting bail of P3,000.

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