Sara Duterte Hit Again For ‘Coddling’ Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

ACT Teachers Rep. France Castro Condemns VP Sara Duterte for “coddling” Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

The ACT Teachers Representative admonishes Vice President Sara Duterte for “protecting” contentious preacher Apollo Quiboloy instead of encouraging him to confront the accusations made against him.

Quiboloy is at risk of being held in contempt and arrested for his refusal to participate in congressional investigations regarding allegations of human trafficking and s*xual abuse of minors, as well as inquiries into the franchise status of the Sonshine Media Network International.

The network is on the verge of losing its congressional franchise due to serious breaches, including spreading false information, engaging in Red-tagging activities, and corporate violations.

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Sara Duterte has urged lawmakers conducting separate congressional hearings involving Quiboloy to avoid portraying him as already guilty, viewing the challenges faced by the pastor as unjust persecution. However, ACT Teachers Representative France Castro criticized Vice President Sara Duterte for “coddling” Apollo Quiboloy instead of urging him to address the allegations against him.

“Doesn’t Vice President Duterte know about the numerous cases against Quiboloy here and in other countries?” Castro asked in a statement.

“Even in other countries, there are cases of women and child abuse, and even involvement in exporting firearms, etc.,” she said in Filipino.

“It seems that Vice President Duterte is setting a very bad example because we believe she’s coddling Quiboloy, who is an accused child rapist,” Castro added.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy
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Pastor Quiboloy’s representatives have expressed their readiness to respond to the criminal charges in a proper court of law, arguing against appearing before congressional bodies they believe have already formed biased opinions against him. In response, the Vice President released a video statement characterizing the accusations against Quiboloy as forms of “violence” and a “trial by publicity.”

Quiboloy has ignored separate summonses from both the Senate and the House of Representatives, where allegations against him have emerged.

In the Senate, Quiboloy is accused of offenses ranging from human trafficking and labor violations to sexual offenses. These accusations have prompted the Department of Justice to direct prosecutors to file charges of child abuse and human trafficking against Quiboloy and five of his associates.

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