VIDEO: Julia Barretto & Joshua Garcia Reunion Goes Viral

Reunion Between Julia Barretto & Joshua Garcia Made Rounds On The Internet

JULIA BARRETTO – Actors Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia proved you can stay friends with your ex. Their reunion video went viral on social media.

Julia Barretto, a prominent Filipina actress, influencer, and content, has made a name for herself with her diverse career. Born to Marjorie Barretto and Dennis Padilla, she has become a significant figure in the entertainment world.

Currently, in a relationship with actor Gerald Anderson, Julia previously dated actor Joshua Garcia.

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Julia Barretto was notably among the distinguished guests at A Night Of A Hundred Stars: The Mr. M Tribute, where her aunt, Claudine Barretto, was also in attendance.

Clips from the event circulated widely on social media, capturing the attention of countless netizens. The heartwarming interaction between Julia and Claudine particularly resonated with many, leaving netizens delighted.

Photo Source: @@phobe.kate TikTok

The recent event, “A Night Of A Hundred Stars: The Mr. M Tribute,” was attended by lots of celebrities, including Julia. Of special significance was Julia’s encounter with her former boyfriend, Joshua Garcia, generating considerable interest. The pair, who previously shared a romantic history, shared a touching moment at the event, eliciting emotions from their devoted fan base.

The heartfelt exchange between Julia and Joshua served as a poignant testament to their enduring on-screen chemistry and friendship. Charo Santos, swept up in the moment, couldn’t contain her excitement, openly expressing her joy at witnessing the reunion of these beloved stars.

Watch the video below:


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