Pastor Apollo Quiboloy’s Gun Licenses Revoked – PNP

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PNP Revoke Pastor Apollo Quiboloy’s Firearm Permits QUIBOLOY – The Philippine National Police (PNP) canceled the firearm licenses of fugitive pastor Apollo Quiboloy in light of ongoing legal proceedings. Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, a religious figure closely associated with former President Rodrigo Duterte, is currently facing multiple arrest warrants alleging child abuse, sexual assault, trafficking, exploitation, … Read more

Quiboloy: PNP May Cancel Fugitive Pastor’s Gun Permits This Week

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PNP May Cancel Fugitive Pastor Apollo Quiboloy’s Firearm Licenses This Week QUIBOLOY – The Philippine National Police (PNP) is considering possibly canceling Pastor Apollo Quiboloy’s firearm licenses in the coming week. Filipino pastor and leader of the Philippines-based Restorationist church known as the Kingdom of Jesus Christ Apollo Quiboloy currently faces numerous arrest warrants stemming … Read more

Duterte Says Quiboloy Remains Within Sect’s Davao Territory

Rodrigo Duterte, Apollo Quiboloy

Duterte Affirms Quiboloy’s Presence within Sect’s Davao Domain DUTERTE – Former President Rodrigo Duterte said that Pastor Apollo Quiboloy is still within the confines of the KOJC’s territory in Davao. Former President Rodrigo Duterte, acting in his capacity as a lawyer, indicated that he would advise his close associate and spiritual guide Apollo Quiboloy to … Read more

Bato Offers Personal Protection To Pastor Quiboloy For Senate Appearance

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Bato Will Personally Protect Pastor Quiboloy In Senate BATO DELA ROSA – Senator and former Philippine National Police chief Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa said he will offer personal protection to controversial preacher Apollo Quiboloy if he goes to the Senate. Senator Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa has offered personal protection to the religious leader Apollo Quiboloy … Read more

Senate Orders Arrest & Detention Of KJC Founder Apollo Quiboloy

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Senate Orders Arrest of Pastor Apollo Quiboloy PASTOR APOLLO QUIBOLOY – The Senate has directed the arrest and detention of Apollo Quiboloy, the leader of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KJC), because he refused to engage in the chamber’s investigation into alleged offenses. Pastor Apollo Quiboloy has been directed to be arrested and detained at … Read more

Sara Duterte Hit Again For ‘Coddling’ Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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ACT Teachers Rep. France Castro Condemns VP Sara Duterte for “coddling” Pastor Apollo Quiboloy The ACT Teachers Representative admonishes Vice President Sara Duterte for “protecting” contentious preacher Apollo Quiboloy instead of encouraging him to confront the accusations made against him. Quiboloy is at risk of being held in contempt and arrested for his refusal to … Read more

Pastor Quiboloy Skips Probe Of His Alleged Crimes, Senate Panel Orders Arrest

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Senate Panel Issues Arrest Order for Pastor Apollo Quiboloy PASTOR QUIBOLOY – The Senate panel issues an arrest warrant for Pastor Apollo Quiboloy for not appearing at an investigation into alleged crimes. The Senate women’s panel issued an arrest order for religious leader Apollo Quiboloy on Tuesday after he failed to attend the chamber’s investigation … Read more

Duterte’s Reaction To Quiboloy’s Senate Subpoena

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Senate Issues Subpoena VS Quiboloy; Duterte React DUTERTE – Former president Rodrigo Duterte reacted to the Senate subpoena of televangelist Apollo Quiboloy. The Office of the Senate Sergeant-at-Arms has issued a subpoena to Apollo Quiboloy, the leader of the Davao-based Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KOJC), as part of a Senate investigation into allegations of human … Read more

Hontiveros Says Apollo Quiboloy Can’t Avoid Senate Inquiry

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Quiboloy Can’t Skip Senate Inquiry Says Hontiveros HONTIVEROS – Senator Risa Hontiveros insisted Pastor Apollo Quiboloy cannot avoid the Senate investigation. Religious leader Apollo Quiboloy has refused to participate in the Senate inquiry concerning alleged crimes, including sexual abuse, within his Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KOJC), despite being summoned by the committee on women. Quiboloy … Read more