Sen. Zubiri to Sign Subpoena vs Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

Zubiri says he’s sure to sign a subpoena against Quiboloy

JUAN MIGUEL ZUBIRI – The Senate President stated that he would sign the subpoena for religious leader Apollo Quiboloy, who is implicated in allegations of misconduct.

Zubiri clarified that the subpoena has been prepared and awaits his signature, but due to his current engagements in the Visayas, he will sign the documents upon his return. This assurance follows the call from Senate Deputy Minority Leader Risa Hontiveros to summon Quiboloy rather than merely inviting him.

Hontiveros had previously reached out to Zubiri on February 6 regarding this matter. Zubiri explained that administrative tasks in his office accumulated amidst the tensions between the House and the Senate regarding the controversial push for Charter change.

He emphasized that recent weeks were marked by challenges to democratic institutions, particularly due to the fake People’s Initiative, but as the situation has calmed down, he intends to address the backlog, including signing the pending subpoena against Quiboloy, once he is back in Manila.

Meanwhile, Apollo Carreon Quiboloy is a pastor and the founder of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KJC), a Restorationist church based in the Philippines. He established the KJC in 1985 after previously being a member of the United Pentecostal Church. Quiboloy claims to be the “Appointed Son of God” and “Owner of the Universe.”

Quiboloy has faced numerous controversies, including allegations of misconduct and human trafficking. In November 2021, he was indicted by the United States Department of Justice on charges of coercing girls and young women into relationships with him and running a trafficking operation. These allegations involve victims as young as twelve years old and are linked to a fraudulent charity called “Children’s Joy.” Additionally, the US Department of Treasury and Department of State imposed sanctions on Quiboloy in December 2022 for gross human rights abuses and corruption.

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