Lolit Solis Explains Why She Likes Andrea Brillantes So Much

Why does Lolit Solis like Andrea Brillantes so much?

ANDREA BRILLANTES – Entertainment columnist Lolit Solis created a stir on Instagram by expressing her appreciation for the young actress.

On Thursday, November 30, actress Kathryn Bernardo officially confirmed the end of her long-term relationship with Daniel Padilla. Posting throwback photos and a heartfelt message on Instagram, she captioned it with “Chapter closed.” Following this, Daniel shared a photo with Kathryn on Instagram, expressing his sentiments as well.

Before their breakup, Daniel and Andrea had been generating online buzz with rumors of a romantic involvement. The speculation arose when Ogie Diaz disclosed information from a source suggesting that the two were seeing each other secretly.

The speculation gained traction when Andrea and Kathryn Bernardo unfollowed each other on social media. Amidst the tension, online interviews surfaced where Andrea openly expressed her admiration for Daniel. Subsequently, old photos of Andrea and Daniel started circulating online, as the actress used to share pictures of their encounters.

As time passed, rumors surfaced indicating that Andrea was not the cause of the KathNiel breakup but rather Star Magic artist Gillian Vicencio. However, both Gillian and Marites University host DJ Jhaiho clarified that she had no involvement in the KathNiel split.

While Andrea continues to receive criticism from netizens, especially from the fans of KathNiel, she has earned the respect of Lolit Solis. The entertainment columnist created a stir on Instagram by expressing her appreciation for the young actress.

Lolit shared that she holds admiration for Andrea and finds her intriguing, citing both her physical appearance and charisma as the reasons for her interest. Lolit also commended Andrea, claiming that she is reportedly desired by numerous men, including teenagers. Additionally, Lolit humorously mentioned her desire to apply as a member of Andrea’s publicity team, expressing her strong fondness for the young actress.

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