Lolit Solis Explains Why She Likes Andrea Brillantes So Much

Lolit Solis and Andrea Brillantes

Why does Lolit Solis like Andrea Brillantes so much? ANDREA BRILLANTES – Entertainment columnist Lolit Solis created a stir on Instagram by expressing her appreciation for the young actress. On Thursday, November 30, actress Kathryn Bernardo officially confirmed the end of her long-term relationship with Daniel Padilla. Posting throwback photos and a heartfelt message on … Read more

Lolit Solis Admits She’s “Feeling Sorry” for Andrea Brillantes Due to Her Controversies

Andrea Brillantes

Lolit Solis Expresses Sympathy for Andrea Brillantes LOLIT SOLIS – The showbiz columnist expressed sympathy for actress Andrea Brillantes due to the judgments she has been receiving regarding her controversies. Andrea Brillantes, whose real name is Anndrew Blythe Daguio Gorostiza, is an actress who gained recognition for her roles in various television series and films … Read more