Julia Barretto and Andrea Brillantes in One Frame Elicit Mixed Reactions

A photo of Julia Barretto and Andrea Brillantes together

JULIA BARRETTO and ANDREA BRILLANTES – A photo featuring the two has gone viral online, sparking mixed reactions among netizens.

Julia is an actress, commercial model, and entrepreneur. She’s the daughter of Dennis Padilla and Marjorie Barretto. She began her career as a child actress, making her debut in the television series “Gulong ng Palad” in 2006.

She gained popularity for her roles in various television dramas, including “Kokey” (2007) and “Mirabella” (2014). Julia transitioned to the big screen with films such as “Vince and Kath and James” (2016), “Love You to the Stars and Back” (2017), and “Unexpectedly Yours” (2017).

Andrea, whose real name is Ramona Anndrew Blythe Daguio Gorostiza, is a Filipino actress, commercial model, endorser, and entrepreneur. She began her career as a child actress at the age of 7. She gained early recognition for her roles in shows like “Goin’ Bulilit” (2010) and “E-Boy” (2012). Brillantes is widely known for her roles as Annaliza in the series of the same name (2013) and Marga Mondragon-Bartolome in “Kadenang Ginto” (2018).

Apart from her acting career, Andrea Brillantes has a substantial presence on social media, making her the most followed Filipino celebrity on TikTok and one of the highest-paid Filipino celebrities on Instagram. At just 19 years old, she became the youngest celebrity CEO in the Philippines, launching her own makeup empire.

Recently, a certain Girly Bartoces Hinagdanan posted a photo of Julia and Andrea together on social media, which went viral, generating mixed reactions from netizens. One netizen commented, “The curse of being too beautiful! Laging kasama sa mga tsismis hai.” Another netizen remarked, “Person with same feather flocks together (emojis).”

Meanwhile, Andrea Brillantes is currently making rounds online after she was accused of being the reason behind the separation of KathNiel.

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