Passenger Airs Dismay After Guimaras Authorities Dump Her Siopao

Passenger Expresses Frustration After Guimaras Authorities Dump Her Siopao Due to Province’s Ordinance

A male passenger has expressed his disappointment after Guimaras authorities dumped her siopao due to strict rules.

A Facebook user named Wilfredo Patrimonio Cortel recounted the unfortunate experience of Province of Guimaras personnel allegedly throwing away siopao (steamed buns) that he brought with him. The reason cited was that bringing siopao was not allowed.

Cortel explained that his friend was unaware of the rule, especially since the siopao in question was from the well-known establishment Roberto’s. When they were informed of the restriction, he suggested going to the food court instead, but the situation took a different turn due to his friend’s sick mother, who had requested Roberto’s siopao.


Feeling caught between following rules and fulfilling a family request, Cortel admitted that they attempted to hide the siopao in their bag, hoping it would go unnoticed. However, upon reaching Jordan, Guimaras, someone had already reported them for carrying siopao.

Despite their admission of wrongdoing, Cortel shared that they tried negotiating with the authorities, suggesting alternatives like leaving the siopao to pick up later or giving it to construction workers in the area. Unfortunately, all their proposals were rejected.

The most heart-breaking part of the incident for Cortel was witnessing the siopao being thrown away. He expressed his dismay, considering the issue of hunger in the Philippines, with 2.7 million Filipino families experiencing it.

Cortel questioned the authorities, asking why they couldn’t return the siopao to Iloilo, where they originated. Even if they were willing to go back, he claimed they were told it would still be discarded.

The passenger expressed his deep pain of seeing food wasted, emphasizing the need for enlightenment on why returning the siopao to Iloilo was not allowed and why it had to be thrown away.

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