Boy Abunda Gives Reaction About KathNiel Breakup

Boy Abunda: “I thought they would be able to fix what needed to be fixed”

BOY ABUNDA – The King of Talk gave a reaction after Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla confirmed that they broke up after 11 years together.

Tito Boy’s participation in KathNiel’s journey in the showbiz industry was significant because he talked to them about the important events in their personal and professional lives when he was still in ABS-CBN at that time.

In a video he posted on his YouTube channel, the talk show host admitted that he’s a fan of KathNiel.

Boy Abunda
Screenshot from Boy Abunda’s video

Tito Boy even said he thought Kathryn and Daniel would be able to fix what needed to be fixed but he’s wrong. According to him, he can imagine the excruciating pain the former couple and their fans have to bear.

I was wrong. I thought they would be able to fix what needed to be fixed,” he said. “I can imagine the excruciating pain they have to bear now, Daniel, Kathryn, KathNiels. I honor this pain. I cry for Kathniel as a fan and friend.

The King of Talk also said that he respects their decision to part ways knowing that the two tried to save their love story with respect but one that ended with respect.

Although he admitted that he doesn’t know the details that brought Kathryn and Daniel to the decision to break up, Tito Boy said he only know the love that the former couple have for each other — “a love that prevailed even when they decided to say goodbye”. He ended the video by wishing Kathryn and Daniel all the best and all the love.

On Thursday, Kathryn and Daniel confirmed their separation by releasing a statement on their respective social media accounts.

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