Tukomi Visits the Grave of “Francis Maglolona”

Grave of “Francis Maglolona” visited by Tukomi

TUKOMI – The content creator group drew attention from online users when they posted a video during their visit to ‘Francis Maglolona’s’ grave.

Tukomi members crafted a humorous imitation of Francis’ grave, altering the name to ‘Maglolona’ from Magalona. Francis Maglolona, a business known for tarpaulin sales, gained online traction after Abegail Rait’s disclosure about her purported connection with the late artist. The parody video in question was inspired by Jeno Sotto’s viral performance at Francis Magalona’s Marikina grave.

Many believed Jeno might be an illegitimate child of Francis after singing ‘Lando’ at the master rapper’s final resting place. However, Jeno clarified that his performance was merely a tribute to his idol and not a claim of being Francis’ son. Jeno’s actions sparked controversy, with some online users questioning his intentions for the unexpected visit to the late rapper’s grave.

As of the present time, the parody has garnered over 3 million views. However, most of the netizens who commented urged them to at least show respect to the late legendary artist. One netizen wrote: “dapat sainyo hindi rin nirerespeto..” Another netizen commented: “Wag sana makasuhan ulit lods.”

Meanwhile, Tukomi, a YouTube prank channel managed by twins Lester G and Hiroshi Tukomi, has amassed over 4.18 million subscribers with weekly prank and challenge videos. Among their popular uploads is the “Taong Grasa/Rich Kid” series, where they disguise as beggars driving sports cars.

Originating from Davao and later relocating to Manila, they continued their prank content. In December 2020, one of the founding members, Oliver Tukomi, announced his departure from the channel, leaving the two brothers, Lester and Hiroshi. The channel faced controversies: one involving a swimming prank leading to job loss accusations, which Tukomi refuted, and another prank that depicted a Muslim bombing incident, resulting in backlash and subsequent apologies.

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