Abegail Rait and Gaile Francesca Give Francis M Memorabilia to Boss Toyo for ‘Free’

Francis M

Boss Toyo receives Francis M Memorabilia from Abegail Rait and Gaile Francesca FRANCIS M MEMORABILIA – Abegail Rait and her daughter Gaile Francesca visited Boss Toyo’s shop again to give him photos courtesy of the late Master Rapper for free. On an episode of the YouTube series Pinoy Pawnstars uploaded on October 17, 2023, Abegail … Read more

Tukomi Visits the Grave of “Francis Maglolona”


Grave of “Francis Maglolona” visited by Tukomi TUKOMI – The content creator group drew attention from online users when they posted a video during their visit to ‘Francis Maglolona’s’ grave. Tukomi members crafted a humorous imitation of Francis’ grave, altering the name to ‘Maglolona’ from Magalona. Francis Maglolona, a business known for tarpaulin sales, gained … Read more

Julius Babao Did Not Obtain Any “Resibo” That Gail Francesca is Indeed a Child of Francis M

Julius Babao and Gaile Francesca Rait

Julius Babao on Gaile Francesca Rait: “Hindi naman daw Magalona ang gamit nu’ng anak at hindi rin pumirma si Francis” JULIUS BABAO – The veteran broadcast journalist was not able to obtain any “receipt” or proof that Gail Francesca Rait is indeed a child of Francis Magalona. Reggee Bonoan of Bandera recently bumped into Julius … Read more

Kathryn Bernardo Welcomes Francis M’s “Daughter” Gaile Francesca Rait to Showbiz

Gaile Francesca Rait has been welcomed to showbiz by Kathryn Bernardo KATHRYN BERNARDO – The Kapamilya actress welcomed Gaile Francesca Rait, the alleged daughter of the late Master Rapper Francis Magalona, also known as Francis M, to the showbiz industry. It was just recently that Gaile and her mom, Abegail Rait, a former flight attendant, … Read more

Francis M’s “Daughter” Gaile Francesca Gives a Message to Her ‘Half-Siblings’

Gaile Francesca

Here’s the message from Gaile Francesca to her half-siblings GAILE FRANCESCA RAIT – The alleged illegitimate child of the late Master Rapper Francis Magalona has a heartfelt message for her half-siblings. It was just recently when Abegail Rait, a former flight attendant, revealed her past relationship with Francis M. In her appearance on ‘Pinoy Pawnstars’ … Read more