Ricci Rivero Teased by Girlfriend Leren Mae Bautista

Leren Mae Bautista, Ricci Rivero’s girlfriend, teased the basketball player, indicating that she would be the one washing his clothes.

The beauty queen-turned-politician reshared a photo of her boyfriend soaked in his uniform.

Leren Mae Bautista Teases Ricci Rivero: ‘Wag ka maglaba, ako na!’

Ricci Rivero Teased by Leren Mae Bautista

LEREN MAE BAUTISTA – The beauty queen turned politician teased her boyfriend, Ricci Rivero about doing the laundry.

Earlier, Leren took to her Instagram Stories where she reshared the IG story of Prince Rivero, Ricci’s brother, showing Ricci soaking wet in his basketball uniform during his debut game with the Phoenix Fuel Masters in the Philippine Basketball Association or PBA.

Because Ricci was drenched in his uniform, his brother Prince joked that it was time for him to wash his clothes. Leren reshared it with the caption: “Wag ka maglaba, ako na!” (Don’t do the laundry; I’ll do it!).

It can be deduced that the two were making light of the allegation made by Andrea Brillantes about her ex-boyfriend, who allegedly did not do the laundry for a year. Later on, it was revealed that she was referring to Ricci.

Meanwhile, Ricci did not disappoint his fans and supporters, scoring 15 points and grabbing 4 rebounds in the first 18 minutes of the clash between Phoenix Fuel Masters and NLEX Road Warriors. His team emerged victorious.

Among those present to watch his first game at the Smart Araneta Coliseum were his family, girlfriend Leren, and the individuals managing his career in basketball and showbiz—the Virtual Playground executives, namely Charlie Dy, Mark Salamat, and Griffin Villanueva.

Before the match between Phoenix Fuel Masters and NLEX Road Warriors took place, Leren Mae Bautista sent a sweet message to her boyfriend, expressing, “You deserve all the love in the world. I’m so thankful to see the real you — authentic, fun and loving. No more fantasies, just pure love.” She added, “Remember that I will be here behind you, cheering and supporting you. Good luck on your first PBA game today.”

It was just recently when Ricci Rivero confirmed his relationship with Leren Mae Bautista.

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