Cristy Fermin Sympathizes with Ogie Diaz After Being Criticized by KathNiel Fans

Cristy Fermin expresses sympathy for Ogie Diaz amid backlash he’s receiving

CRISTY FERMIN – The entertainment columnist couldn’t help but sympathize with the talent manager Ogie Diaz due to the criticisms he has been receiving from the fans of Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla, and Andrea Brillantes.

This comes after Ogie disclosed on his “Showbiz Update” vlog that a source told him that KathNiel (Kathryn and Daniel) has supposedly parted ways, and he alleged that Daniel and Andrea were secretly seeing each other.

Cristy couldn’t help but express her sympathy for her colleague who is currently being lambasted by netizens. In fact, the talent manager became a trending topic on X (formerly Twitter) and was even called a “fake news peddler” for reporting unconfirmed news.

In her commentary, Cristy mentioned that many fans get angry when they don’t like the news about their idols, while they remain silent when the reporter’s information is proven correct after some months or even years.

“Galit na galit pa kay Ogie Diaz ang mga fans ng KathNiel. Unang-una, ganyan naman lagi. Kawawa naman ang mga reporters ‘no. Kapagka meron kaming sinasabi na ganito at ganyan dahil may sources naman kami, nagagalit sa amin ang mga fans. Pero pagkalipas ng ilang buwan o taon pa nga ang inaabot, na totoo naman pala ang sinulat ng reporter o sinabi, hindi naman nila sinasabi na, ‘Oh tama nga kayo. Totoong-totoo pala’, walang ganoon,” said Cristy.

Cristy Fermin
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She added, “Pero kapag nagpalutang ng balita na ayaw nila, galit na galit sila at ang tawag fake news peddler. Huwag naman ‘di ba. Ang makakasagot naman niyan talaga ang KathNiel.” Meanwhile, Daniel dispelled speculations about his breakup with Kathryn by showcasing a video of his girlfriend for Preview where she is featured as the cover girl.

Watch the video below:

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