Ricci Rivero Reminded by Dr. Richard Mata About the “Gentleman’s Code”

Basketball player Ricci Rivero was reminded by celebrity physician Dr. Richard Mata about the “gentleman’s code.”

This came after Rivero revealed details about his past relationship with actress Andrea Brillantes.

Dr. Richard Mata Reminds Ricci Rivero About “Gentleman’s Code” After His Revelation Over Past Relationship with Andrea Brillantes

Here’s the reminder of Dr. Richard Mata to Ricci Rivero

DR. RICHARD MATA – The celebrity pediatrician shared his thoughts on Ricci Rivero’s recent comments regarding his past relationship with Andrea Brillantes.

During an interview on the radio show Marites University, Ricci disclosed that Andrea had made multiple attempts to reconcile with him. “Hindi naman ako nagsasalita nung mga nakakasama at kausap din silang iba sa bars. Pumupunta siya ng condo ko nang madaling araw ilang beses for what? Para makipagbalikan. Nag yes ba ako? Hindi, kasi ayoko na and sinabi ko yan sa kanya paulit-ulit so I am the bad person here for not publicly telling everyone that I am single. She asked me not to let people know muna kasi baka masira ang image niya tapos nung hindi ako pumayag makipagbalikan, sisiraan na ako bigla

Andrea Brillantes and Ricci Rivero
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In a Facebook post, Dr, Richard Mata acknowledged Andrea’s attempts to mend things with Ricci. Nonetheless, he expressed his belief that it was not appropriate for Ricci, as a man, to extensively discuss private matters with his ex-girlfriend in public. “Normal po yung babae na gustong makipagbalikan, hindi normal yung lalake na pina public ang issue. May gentleman’s code din po tayo,” the doctor remarked.

The doctor’s statement garnered significant attention from netizens, sparking thousands of reactions online. One netizen, Irene, praised the doctor, stating, “Feeling nila poging pogi na cla nun pg gusto ng babae mkipagbalikan. Galing mo doc.” Another netizen named Rochelle highlighted the doctor’s point, commenting, “It takes a man to make other man realize that they should also be gentleman enough not to talk about it. Galing talaga ni doc.”

Meanwhile, Andrea Brillantes has maintained her silence amidst the words and revelations of Ricci Rivero. It was just recently when the basketball player confirmed his relationship with beauty queen-turned-politician Leren Mae Bautista.

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