Leren Mae Bautista Admits Damage Has Been Done But Truth Will Prevail

Leren Mae Bautista left a cryptic post after facing criticism regarding her relationship with Ricci Rivero

LEREN MAE BAUTISTA – The girlfriend of basketball star Ricci Rivero took to social media to share cryptic words about hurtful comments that deeply affected her.

On October 21, Ricci publicly confirmed his relationship with Leren through an Instagram post. He stated that they would no longer hide their love and affection for each other. In the comments section of Ricci’s Instagram post, his parents, Ruzcko and Abigail, expressed their support.

Ricci’s father mentioned that he would pray for the couple and advised them to take care of each other, love each other, respect each other, and always prioritize God in their relationship.

On the other hand, Abigail defended her son Ricci and Leren against accusations, hinting at a past “toxic” relationship. She questioned why some relationships work while others don’t, emphasizing that God would end a toxic relationship. Abigail encouraged people not to endure such situations for an extended period, explaining that God could help them escape from the toxic environment.

Abigail also noted that if a relationship isn’t meant to be, it won’t happen, highlighting the importance of shared goals, purpose, values, and beliefs in a healthy relationship. She offered advice to Ricci and Leren, suggesting that they maintain a healthy relationship by listening, communicating, accepting, resolving conflicts, spending time together, and praying. Abigail concluded with a blessing from Father God.

Their relationship faced heavy criticism from netizens, prompting her to post on Facebook. In her post, she noted, “Damage has been done and hurtful words have been said that scarred me deeply, but it wont stop me from doing what is right. (emoji) We rise by lifting others. Not the other way around.
At the end of the day, people will know, the TRUTH shall prevail. (emojis).”

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