Maya Flexi Loan Benefits — List Of Benefits Of This Loan

Here is the list of benefits of Maya Flexi Loan

MAYA FLEXI LOAN BENEFITS – This article will teach you about the list of benefits of Maya Flexi Loan.

This credit line lets you borrow money anytime in order to fund your business. You can withdraw any amount within your available credit line instantly to your Business Deposit account once your loan is approved.

When it comes to the eligibility, you need to have an active Maya Deposit Account, be an active Maya Business solution user, and pass credit evaluation requirements.

Maya Flexi Loan Benefits — List Of Benefits Of This Loan

You can also use your Maya payments solutions actively and open a Maya Business Deposit account in order to improve your chances of getting your loan approved.

But what are the benefits of this loan?

  • Personalized loan offers and competitive fees that is based on the average sales from your payment solutions with Maya
  • Automatic payments. You can seamlessly settle your loan through the Maya Business Manager dashboard
  • Fast activation. You can activate your loan in minutes once you submit your application.

Keep in mind that once you apply for this credit line, you will see instantly if you have been approved. In addition, you need to make sure that you have an active Maya Business Deposit account before applying for this loan.

But how frequent can you use your loan?

You can take out a new credit line anytime as long as you have the available loan limit. But in case that you use up your loan limit, you will need to pay off some of your outstanding loan principal before you can take out a new loan.

Also, you need to make sure that you’re paying your loans on time in order to keep your Maya Flexi Loan account available.

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