Fastcraft and Cargo Vessel Collide in Cebu

Collision of fastcraft and cargo vessel in Cebu

FASTCRAFT VS CARGO VESSEL – A collision occurred between a fastcraft and a cargo vessel in the waters of Cebu’s Mactan Channel on Sunday afternoon, May 21.

Collisions between vessels or boats can have severe consequences, including damage to the vessels, injuries to occupants, and the risk of capsizing or sinking. The force generated by the impact can cause structural damage to the hulls, compromising their integrity.

Occupants are at risk of being thrown off balance or colliding with objects, resulting in injuries ranging from minor cuts to more serious trauma. The stability of the vessels can be compromised, increasing the likelihood of capsizing or sinking, putting individuals in danger, particularly if they lack proper flotation devices.


Swift action is necessary after a collision, ensuring the safety of passengers and crew, evaluating the damage, and contacting relevant authorities for assistance. Adherence to navigation rules, compliance with maritime regulations, and maintaining constant vigilance are crucial in preventing collisions and protecting lives. These incidents highlight the importance of safety measures and the need for proactive measures to prevent accidents and minimize the potential consequences of vessel collisions.

Meanwhile, a fastcraft and a cargo vessel collided in the waters of Cebu. The incident took place in the Mactan Channel in Cebu on Sunday afternoon, May 21.


Several passengers of the SuperCat shipping company were injured in the collision. The incident was captured by Naveen Isnardo Bharwani, who shared the video of the crash on Facebook. The video quickly gained over a million views.

In the video, the terrifying impact of the cargo vessel hitting the fastcraft can be heard, along with the screams of the passengers on board. Watch the video below:

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