Young Man Argues w/ Enforcer Over Traffic Violation & Even Googles It

Video of Young Man Arguing w/ Enforcer Over Traffic Violation Elicits Reactions Online

After committing a traffic violation, a young man argues with a traffic enforcer and even Googles it to prove his point.

Traffic policies regarding changing lanes in solid white lanes are important to ensure the safety of everyone on the road. Solid white lines are used to separate lanes of traffic and indicate that drivers should not cross over them unless it is safe and necessary to do so.

In general, drivers should not change lanes in a solid white lane unless they are turning into a driveway or an intersection, or if there is an emergency situation. The reason for this is that solid white lines are used to mark the edge of a lane, and crossing over them can put drivers and other road users in danger.

Young Man

However, there are some exceptions to this rule. In some states and jurisdictions, it is legal to cross over a solid white line if you are entering or exiting a carpool lane or a high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane

Recently, the Facebook page “Ronnie Tv” shared video footage of a young man having a heated confrontation with a traffic enforcer while being apprehended. The video elicited a wide range of opinions from the online community.

Young Man

The car driver was apprehended by the traffic enforcer in the video for changing lanes in a solid white lane. The young man refused to admit his mistake and even presented his side of the story. He even did a search on Google.

The video has a caption:

Fixer nga! Nag google p

The internet users expressed their reactions to the video:

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