Baby Girl in Guimaras Becomes Instant Millionaire on Her First Birthday

Instant millionaire on first birthday

MILLIONAIRE BABY GIRL – A mother from Guimaras has made her one-year-old daughter an instant millionaire by gifting her a unique money cape made up of a string of P1,000 peso bills on her first birthday.

The extravagant gift, which was estimated to be worth a total of one million pesos, was a result of the parents’ commitment to give their child a bright and beautiful life.

Faith Co, who runs a poultry farming and fuel retailing business along with her husband, shared that they had already planned for an extraordinary celebration of their child’s first birthday even before Adeena was born. As the theme of the birthday was “Disney princess,” the idea of a money cape struck them as a fitting gift for their daughter.

instant millionaire baby girl
Credit to the rightful owner of the photos

While the photos of Adeena wearing the money cape quickly went viral on social media, the gift sparked a debate online about the practicality and appropriateness of such an extravagant gift for a one-year-old child. However, Co shared that the money will be set aside for Adeena’s future, indicating that the gift was intended as a long-term investment rather than a short-term indulgence.

Despite the criticism, the love and dedication that the couple has for their child cannot be ignored. The parents’ commitment to saving up for their daughter’s future and providing her with a life filled with opportunities is commendable. It is evident that they have put a great deal of thought and effort into their daughter’s upbringing, and their gift is a reflection of their love and hopes for Adeena’s future.

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