Inaanak Becomes Instant Millionaire with Ninong’s P1M Gift

Ninong gives P1M to inaanak as a gift

INSTANT MILLIONAIRE – The family of Francis Barkley Bautista became a millionaire in an instant after Kevin Patrick Agravante, his son’s godfather, gave him one million pesos for Christmas.

instant millionaire gift
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The Philippines celebrates the world’s longest Christmas season. With Christmas music played as early as August, the holiday season gradually begins by September, reaches its peak in December with Christmastide, and concludes within the week after New Year’s Day.

Christmas is also the time of giving. The godparents’ customary gift to their godchildren is called Aguinaldo. Kids approach their godparents to beg for gifts, which are frequently cash, toys, or clothing. In order to promote luck and prosperity, cash is typically given in Chinese envelopes called “ang pao.”

Speaking of, a family became an instant millionaire after the ninong gave one million pesos to his inaanak as a gift. A certain Francis Barkley Bautista recently went to social media wherein he shared how he received such a massive gift from Kevin Patrick Agravante.

Kevin started their conversation by greeting Francis a Merry Christmas at the same time asking how was he and his family. The latter replied by greeting him a Merry Christmas as well. Then, Kevin told him that he’s going to give a “simple” gift to his “inaanak” the son of Francis. Eventually, he asked him for his bank account number.

Francis thought that Kevin was just joking around when the latter sent 1 million pesos on his account. He couldn’t believe it because he did not expect that his family is going to receive such a huge amount.

Francis is wondering what would he buy with the huge money either a house or pickup. Kevin joking replied on his post that it was just a “wrong sent. Meanwhile, Francis’s post has gone viral garnering reactions from the netizens.

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