Inaanak Becomes Instant Millionaire with Ninong’s P1M Gift

instant millionaire gift

Ninong gives P1M to inaanak as a gift INSTANT MILLIONAIRE – The family of Francis Barkley Bautista became a millionaire in an instant after Kevin Patrick Agravante, his son’s godfather, gave him one million pesos for Christmas. The Philippines celebrates the world’s longest Christmas season. With Christmas music played as early as August, the holiday … Read more

Newlywed Couple Becomes Instant Millionaire from Cash Gifts They Receive Reaching P1.8M

newlywed received cash gifts

After receiving cash gifts worth P1.8M, a newlywed has become an instant millionaire INSTANT MILLIONAIRE – A newlywed couple became an instant millionaire from the cash gifts they received, reaching P1.8 million. One of a couple’s most eagerly awaited events is certainly getting married. Many couples pursued saying “I do” with their partners even during … Read more

Newly-Wed Couple Becomes Instant Millionaire During Money Dance

Newly-Wed Couple

Newly-Wed Couple Receive P1.2 Million From Family During Money Dance Bignay, Valenzuela – A newly-wed couple from Bignay, Valenzuela becomes instant millionaire during their money dance. Wedding is a marriage ceremony, especially considered as including the associated celebrations. It is an act where couple exchange vows in front of various visitors, witnesses, parents and initiating personnel … Read more