Lady Netizen Reacts After Male Passenger Opens Yumburger During Flight

Lady Netizen Reacts After Male Passenger Opens Yumburger During Flight

YUMBURGER – A lady netizen reacts after a male passenger suddenly opened a ‘yumburger’ inside the plane amid flight.

Nowadays, the majority of individuals typically bring snacks and beverages on lengthy trips to prevent hunger. In order to avoid upsetting other commuters, some travelers frequently bring biscuits and other simple meals.

Unfortunately, some travelers would rather just purchase meals from stores along the way than pack any food with them. However, not every location had a store offering food.

Lady Netizen

Bringing our own food during trips could be a big advantage, especially when traveling in rural places.

A Facebook user named Imma Torres has shared the photos of a male passenger who opened a ‘yumburger’ inside the plane during the flight. The post immediately goes viral online after it was posted on social media.

In the photos, a male passenger opened his snack, which is a ‘Yumburger’ during the flight. The latter probably gets hungry onboard and consumed his snack. However, his gesture did not sit well with his fellow commuters.

Lady Netizen

Torres is one of the. Imma admits that she is already hungry during the flight.

“That time wala pa kaming kain so gutom na kami niyan, tapos maya-maya si kuyang nasa kabilang isle, biglang nagbukas ng Yumburger  Sobrang umamoy sa loob ng eroplano and nagutom kami lalo ng friend ko. Hahaha! Langhap Sarap talaga  Inabutan pa nga rin nila yung nasa kabilang row ng Peach Mango Pie. Kaya lalo kami nagutom HAHAHA! As in nagcrave kami pareho… kaya pagdating namin sa Manila, [doon] kami nag-dinner. HAHAHA!” Torres said.

Here is the full post:

Nananahimik kami dyan, bigla nalang may magbubukas ng yumburger sa eroplano Muntik na kami makikagat ng yumburger kay kuya that time super gutom pa naman na kami nyan HAHAHAHA diba Alexa Balais

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

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