Rough Diamond Meaning & Sentence Examples

Rough Diamond Definition, Sentence Examples

ROUGH DIAMOND MEANING – Find out what rough diamond really means. Example sentences of this idiomatic expression can also be found here.

The idiom “rough diamond” clearly refers to the natural, unpolished nature of diamond jewels. It stems from the fact that diamonds do not shine when they are freshly mined, that is before they have been cut and polished. In reality, they resemble pebbles and are readily overlooked in their “rough” form.

This gives rise to the idea that a person can be like a diamond in the rough, or, in a more frequent metaphor, “a rough diamond,” which refers to someone who has rough, uncultivated, or even unpleasant manners but, at heart, a very good person with outstanding attributes. It is most usually expressed as a ‘rough diamond’.



  • a person of outstanding character
  • a person who has a lot of potentials but lacks polish and refinement
  • a person who, although having a wonderful personality, does not appear to be especially polite or well-educated at first.
  • a person with good traits despite his or her gruff exterior
  • someone or something with hidden good characteristics
  • a person who is gentler and more entertaining than their appearance and actions suggest

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Here are examples of sentences that use rough diamond:

  • Kylie is intelligent and loyal but lacks manners – she’s a rough diamond.
  • His singing voice is beautiful, but he needs help with his gestures; he’s a rough diamond.
  • Bernadeth looks a little messy, but she’s a diamond in the rough.
  • Leana may have been a rough diamond, but she was absolutely loyal to her employer.

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