Kamote Riders Doing Delicate Stunts While Riding a Motorcycle Goes Viral

Netizens were enraged by kamote riders doing delicate stunts while riding a motorycle

KAMOTE RIDERS – A couple riding a motorcyle earned the netizens ire as they do delicate stunts on board the vehicle.

kamote riders
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The term “kamote rider” is commonly used to describe motorcycle riders who exhibit poor road behavior. They usually perform stunts in the middle of a busy street as well as showcase their “racing” abilities.

But being a kamote rider may endanger not only the riders’ lives but also the lives of those on the street. To address the issue of motorcycle-related accidents, the government continues to promote safe driving. In this way, serious accidents that could lead to death might be lessened.

However, two motorcycle riders, who appear to be a couple, were seem unconcerned about what the law requires in terms of responsible driving. In a video, the couple performs some stunts while riding their motorcycle. The rider wheelied his motorcycle a few times while the backrider does some tricks.

There were times she touched the road, flashed a dirty finger and bend her head down with her hair touching the road. Their stunt earned mixed reactions from the netizens.

A netizen commented: “ganyang kamote riders dapat di binibigyan ng lisensya,di man sila ma disgrasya bka sila pa maka disgrasya sa iba.. LTO aksyonan nyo na ito!” Another netizen wrote: “tapos pag naaksidente kayo kkaatok kayo sa aming mga puso.”

Watch the video below:

There were netizens who called the attention of the Land Transportation Office (LTO). Some suggest that the rider’s license should be revoked.

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