Kamote Riders Got Into Accident After Counterflowing in Rotonda

Counterflowing Kamote Riders Caught on Camera After Causing Accident in Rotonda

The video footage of several kamote rider who got into a vehicular accident after counterflowing in a rotonda goes viral.

Over the past few decades, road accident has been one of the most common traffic problems not only in the Philippines but also in different countries all around the world. It usually causes injuries and even death to the victims.

The Philippine government is already implementing stricter rules and regulations to prevent such incidents. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of hard-headed and reckless motorists violating the traffic policy.

Kamote Riders

The Facebook account “Nor Yel” has shared the CCTV footage of a vehicular accident along a rotonda involving some kamote riders. The video quickly spread like a wildfire and elicits comments from the netizens.

In the video, it can be seen that the vehicles are peacefully moving along the road until a group of kamote riders arrived. One of the riders accidentally bumped into a tricycle after counterflowing at the rotonda.

The road accident causes commotion and a traffic congestion in the area. The rider and the trike driver seem to have an exchange of argument but remain calm despite the traffic altercation.

After the collision, the group of motorcycle riders immediately leave the area like nothing happened. The trike driver remained at the rotunda while checking his tricycle.

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The video has a caption of:

“Kamote Riders Club.”

The social media users expressed their reactions to the incident:

Kamote Riders

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