Female Netizen Airs Frustration Against ‘Disrespectful’ High School Students in Bacolod

‘Disrespectful’ high school students

DISRESPECFUL STUDENTS – A female netizen took to social media wherein she aired her frustration against “disrespectful” high school students she encountered in Bacolod.

high school students
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Earlier, Judhea Marie Aniban, a student, went to Facebook wherein she shared her encounter with 8 high school students she came across while riding a jeepney somewhere in Bacolod. According to her, the students were already making a fuss when they board the jeepney.

One of the students asked if they had already paid their fare because he boasted that he would pay for all the passengers. Another student asked if she already has a boyfriend. When the student learned that she has a boyfriend, he gave an impolite response.

Aniban said that it seemed like a joke at first until her classmate noticed that one of the students focusing his phone on her legs. She shared that she was wearing her school uniform at the time.

Aniban was hesitant to confront the student filming her, but it made her decide to talk to him, asking if he’s indeed taking a video of her. The male student was surprised because he assumed she had no idea she was being filmed.

She warned them if they don’t delete the video, they will be posted. Apparently, she posted her encounter with the students to raise awareness among ladies who commute on their way to school.

Her post had gone viral, garnering mixed reactions. Some netizens suggest that she should have exposed their faces. Another netizen said that they should be reported so that they could learn their lesson.

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