Fading Puppy Syndrome: Causes, Signs & How To Prevent Puppy from Dying

Guide on Fading Puppy Syndrome & Tips To Prevent It

FADING PUPPY SYNDROME – Here are the causes, signs, and some tips on how to prevent a puppy from dying due to puppy fading.

Puppies are like newborn babies that are very fragile most especially in the first two weeks since their birth. There are a lot of cases wherein puppies do not survive in the first two (2) weeks since they were born due to various factors. They have low immunity against diseases and their bodies can’t still regulate temperature.

Fading Puppy Syndrome
Photo Credit: Vet Focus – Royal Canin

Causes of Fading Puppy Syndrome:

  • Genetics
    • Birth Defects like heart defects or cleft palate
  • Infectious
    • Bacterial Infections
    • Viral Infections
  • Environmental
    • maternal neglect
    • toxins
    • hypothermia or hypothermia
    • older mom
    • poor milk quality
    • inadequate milk supply
    • unsanitary living conditions
    • overweight mom

Signs of Fading Puppy Syndrome:

  • restlessness
  • persistent crying
  • immobility
  • weakness
  • diarrhea
  • vomiting
  • low body temperature
  • difficulty breathing
  • withdrawal from the litter
  • not gaining weight
  • little or no urine or feces

How to Prevent Fading Puppy Syndrome:

  • Monitor the weight of all the puppies in a litter. Contact your veterinarian if the puppies or one of them is not gaining weight for early intervention.
  • Administer medications based on what is prescribed by your veterinarian.
  • Observe the color of the urine of the puppy and the moistness inside the mouth. Dehydration is signaled by a dark urine and dry mouth.
  • Feed your puppy based on the regimen given by the veterinarian.

Based on the article, this syndrome is really inevitable and its hard to determine the underlying cause. This usually happens when the mother is not very healthy or there are delays in the birthing of the puppies. Meanwhile, there are also cases wherein puppies were saved from dying.

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