Signs of Rabies in Cats: List of Symptoms when your Feline is Infected

SIGNS OF RABIES IN CATS – Below is the list of symptoms showing the possibility that your feline is infected with the viral disease.

Dogs and cats are among the animals that can be infected by rabies and it is fatal not only to your pet but as well as to humans who can get bitten by the animal. Thus, it is important to keep your dogs and cats vaccinated against the virus and be observant of the signs of rabies in cats and dogs. In this article, let us focus on cats.

Do Cats Have Rabies?

Wondering Do Cats Have Rabies? Here’s A Guide

DO CATS HAVE RABIES – Here is an explanation on whether or not a cat may be infected with rabies.

A lot of people like having cats and dogs at home. These are two (2) of the most intelligent creatures that can emotionally connect with human beings. Have you seen how happy they are when their owner comes home?

However, a lot of people has this common concern when it comes to dogs and cats most especially those who do not have these furry babies at home – the possibility of them getting infected with rabies.

Rabies is a viral disease. This condition affects the spinal cord and the brain of mammals like dogs and cats and can lead the animals to being aggressive.

Do Cats Have Rabies

Another concern of many people is that rabies is a “zoonotic disease” meaning it can be transmitted by animals to human beings. It is fatal.

With regards to the cause of rabies, the virus can be taken from dirty surrounding or eating trash. It can be passed on through the saliva of infected animals, through a bite, and contact on open wounds.

However, rabies is not really a threat for responsible pet owners. You can get rid of it by having your cats and dogs vaccinated with anti-rabies. In some countries, it is really mandated that owners of these kind of animals must have their furry babies vaccinated.

Symptoms of Rabies in Cat:

  • changes in the behavior
  • aggression
  • restlessness
  • lethargy
  • increased vocalization
  • loss of appetite
  • weakness
  • paralysis
  • disorientation
  • seizures

Based on the article, rabies can lead to a sudden death of the animal. An animal suspected to have contact with an infected one cannot be vaccinated within 14 days.

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