Sara Duterte Critic in ICU After Suffering from Stroke

A critic of VP Sara Duterte in the intensive care unit after suffering a stroke

SARA DUTERTE CRITIC – A photojournalist who has been active in criticizing the vice president is now in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) after suffering from a stroke.

Sara Duterte critic
Credit to the rightful owner of the photos

It was just recently when the Education secretary made rounds on social media after she stopped her speech when the sunlight hit her in the face. It happened on Wednesday, November 16, during DepEd Tarlac’s 120th founding anniversary thanksgiving and awarding ceremony.

She was speaking on the side of the stage when the sunlight hit her in the face. “Sorry… I’m sorry, excuse me… hindi ako naglagay ng sunblock,” she quipped.

Her joke drew laughter from the audience. After a while, she resumed speaking from the podium, which was already in the center of the stage.

However, there were some who criticized her because of her candid expression. Among them is photojournalist @atengsharlene. In a tweet, she wrote: “The sun burns vampires right?”

But after a few days, a friend of hers shared on social media that the photojournalist is now in ICU after suffering from a stroke. Her friend was asking for prayers for her recovery. According to her, she learned about what happened to @atengsharlene after being posted by her son.

Meanwhile, @atengsharlene is active on the microblogging site, Twitter wherein she has over 1400 followers. She has been posting her criticisms against the vice president on the said social media platform. Prior to posting her criticism of the “sunblock” scene of VP Sara Duterte, @atengsharlene chastised the education secretary over the signing of a MOA with PAO.

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