Generous Teacher Prepares Yummy Breakfast for His Students

Generous Teacher Earns Praises After Preparing Yummy Breakfast for His Students

A generous teacher who prepared a yummy breakfast for his beloved students went viral and earned praise from the netizens.

A teacher is someone who works in both private and public schools to teach young children about academics. They were assigned the task of assisting young students in acquiring knowledge, competence, or virtue in order to become better people.

Teachers serve as the student’s second parents within the school premises. They were expected to keep an eye out for and nurture the students. Educators also assist students in becoming responsible citizens.

Generous Teacher

The Facebook page “Jerics Channel” has shared the photos of delicious breakfast he prepared for his pupils. The post quickly spread like a wildfire online and earned praise from internet users.

In the photos, it can be seen that Teacher Jeric prepared a lot of plates containing food and glasses with milk and cereals. He also provides vitamins for young kids.

Each plate contains rice, sweet potato, fried chicken, and a pack of piaya. The food prepared on each plate will surely fill the stomach of some pupils who failed to eat their breakfast at home.

Generous Teacher

The kind-hearted educator shows generosity, love, concern, consideration, and passion for his students. He wants to ensure that his students are both physically and mentally prepare before the class.

Generous Teacher

The teacher has also expressed his gratitude to God for giving him blessings, which he used to share with learners.

Generous Teacher
Generous Teacher
Generous Teacher

The photos have a caption:

Our breakfast for today. Happy Thursday everyone. Thank you God for the blessing of love and wisdom.

The social media users lauded Teacher Jeric for being a responsible and loving educator:

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