Delivery Rider Eats After Invited to Birthday Party “Akala ata mahiyain ako”

Delivery Rider Goes Viral After Eating in Birthday Party ““Inaya ako kumain mga paps, Akala ata mahiyain ako”

A delivery rider goes viral for eating at a birthday party after being invited “Inaya ako kumain mga paps, akala ata mahiyain ako”.

Delivery riders are considered as ‘front liners’ and modern-day heroes for delivering goods to their customers under any circumstances. They were enduring the extreme heat of the sun and inclement weather conditions.

A Facebook user named Michael Amil Cardines has shared a photo of himself eating at a birthday party without hesitation after being invited. The photo goes viral and garnered various reactions from netizens.

Delivery Rider

In the photo, it can be seen that the Food Panda rider is getting food from the table without hesitation while wearing his uniform. The delivery employee gets the food he wants to eat during the birthday party.

Inaya ako kumain mga paps, akala ata mahiyain ako!” Cardines wrote.

Michael narrated that the house owner invited him to eat after delivering the order. Without any hesitation, the latter grabbed the opportunity to eat good food for free since the house owner invited him.

However, the delivery rider clarified that the birthday celebrant is one of his acquaintances.

At yung reaction naman po nila about sa nakikain ako, mga tunay ko po sila kaibigan o kasamahan sa security ng church…. pero kinakantyawan po ako na delivery rider daw po na nakikain pinicturan pa po ko kaya naisipan ko po ipost ng pabiro, yun lang po” Cardines added.

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

Delivery Rider

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