Carla Abellana Honors Self w/ This Photoshoot on Supposed 1st Wedding Anniversary w/ Tom Rodriguez

Carla Abellana Celebrates Self in Photoshoot Event

CARLA ABELLANA – The Kapuso actress honored and celebrated herself with a photoshoot on her supposed first wedding anniversary with Tom Rodriguez.

The love story of Kapuso stars Carla Abellana and Tom Rodriguez have inspired countless people. They started as loveteam partners on several projects under GMA-7 Network until their on-screen tandem led to a real-life romantic relationship.

Carla and Tom top-billed the TV series My Destiny, My Husband’s Lover, and Love of My Life. They also did at least one movie. They are collectively called #TomCar by their fans and supporters. They were boyfriend-girlfriend for at least 7 years before he proposed marriage to her.

Last October 23, 2021, Tom Rodriguez and Carla Abellana’s wedding their families and closest friends together. However, it was a short-lived happiness for the couple and everyone there.


A few months after Tom and Carla officially tied the knot, rumors that the couple has separated crossed the surface. After weeks of silence, the Kapuso actor confirmed their separation. He flew abroad and has yet to return to the Philippines.

A year after their wedding day and supposedly their first wedding anniversary if they have not separated, Carla Abellana celebrated and honored herself in a photoshoot. According to the Kapuso actress, October 23, 2022 was the day that everyone was available to they did it.

According to Carla, they meant the photo and video shoot to be “dark, messy, brave and bare”. She admitted that she was not ready to do it then but it was the time when everyone was available so they pushed through.

“So i said a prayer to God before that day started and reminded myself that i was going to do it not for anybody else, but for myself. I figured it was time to honor and celebrate ME. I thank God for my life and the very blessing that i am alive today,” Carla wrote on her YouTube post:

Carla Abellana
Carla Abellana
Carla Abellana
YouTube/Carla Abellana

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