Saab Magalona Receives Sweet Message From Husband On Her Birthday

Saab Magalona to her husband: “je t’adore”

SAAB MAGALONA – The singer-host and content creator recently celebrated her birthday and received a sweet message from her husband to mark her special day.

Saab Magalona
Photos: Jim Bacarro / Instagram

Saab celebrated her birthday last Wednesday, November 23.

She posted on her Instagram Stories a photo of herself holding a birthday cake to mark her special day. Aside from this, she also shared on her Instagram Stories a video of her making a wish and hugging her husband before blowing a birthday cake.

Saab Magalona’s husband Jim Bacarro also posted photos of his wife on Instagram and also wrote a sweet message for her on her special day.

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In the caption of his social media post, he greeted his wife on her birthday and also shared that she managed to learn French this past year.

Love you, Entre la nuit, la nuit et l’aurore. Entre le royaume des vivants et des morts (Between the night, the night and the dawn. Between the realm of the living and the dead)” he wrote.

Saab also responded to her husband’s post by expressing her love for him, saying, “Nous mangeons beaucoup ce soir (We eat a lot tonight). Je t’adore (I love you).”

Jim also shared a series of behind-the-scenes videos of his birthday surprise fir his wife on Instagram Stories.

Saab and Jim have been married since 2015 and started their podcast channel “Wake up with Jim and Saab” last 2018. It was in June this year when the couple celebrated the 4th anniversary of their podcast channel.

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