Slater Young, Kryz Uy’s Son Scottie Wants Puppy worth 230K

Scottie, Son of Slater Young and Kryz Uy, Falls in Love with Puppy

SLATER YOUNG, KRYZ UY – The son of the celebrity couple, Scottie, wants a puppy that is worth P230,000 based on Kryz’s Instagram Stories.

When it comes to animals which are usually welcomed in a household, truth be told that dogs will never slid from the top spot. A lot of people across the globe are dog lovers and, who would not be? They are loving and very loyal companions as proven by several stories. Dogs are also cute when they are still puppies.

Even Scottie, the son of celebrity couple Slater Young and Kryz Uy, fell in love with a puppy. Based on the recent Instagram Stories of the celebrity vlogger, their son recently came across a Shih Tzu puppy.

According to Kryz, Scottie does not stop asking her to buy the puppy. However, based on the Instagram post of the celebrity vlogger, the puppy is worth P230,000.

Scottie Young

The photos of Scottie holding the puppy with an evident face that he has really fallen in love with the dog went viral on social media. According to Kryz, a lot of people sent her message through her email or social media offering the dogs they sell.

Scottie is the eldest son of Slater Young, a former Pinoy Big Brother housemate who emerged as his batch’s grand winner, and his wife, vlogger Kryz Uy. They have another son, Sevi, who is just turning five (5) months old this month.

Slater left the limelight and focused on his engineering career. Both of him and Kryz are active on YouTube with their vlogs and Spotify with their podcasts. Even Scottie is joining his parents in most vlogs and has captured the hearts of a lot of people with his cuteness, wit, and his very loving nature.

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