Sen. Robin Padilla Speaks About his Heart Surgery

Heart surgery story of Robin Padilla

ROBIN PADILLA – The actor-turned-senator took to social media wherein he talked about his heart surgery.

Robin Padilla heart surgery
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Robinhood Ferdinand Cariño Padilla is an actor, politician, screenwriter, producer, and director.

He is known as the “Bad Boy” of Philippine cinema for portraying anti-hero protagonist gangster roles in films such as Anak ni Baby Ama, Grease Gun Gang, Bad Boy, and Bad Boy 2.

He has also been dubbed the “Prince of Action” of Philippine cinema.

Padilla is also active in television programs, having played lead roles in Basta’t Kasama Kita, Asian Treasures, Joaquin Bordado, Totoy Bato, Guns and Roses, and Toda Max.

Robin Padilla, a neophyte, led the previous senatorial election with over 26 million votes.

Last June, Padilla was rushed to a hospital while having a family vacation in Spain after feeling dizzy and weak while walking in a park. At the time, he was diagnosed with hypertension with 200/150 blood pressure.

When he returned from Spain, he underwent a series of tests such as ultrasound, endoscopy, colonoscopy, as well as a pulmonary test but nothing was found.

But when he underwent a 2D echo, doctors found that one of his heart veins was bulging.

He was then referred to cardio for a stress test and found he has ischemia.

Eventually, Robin Padilla underwent an angiogram, a diagnostic procedure that uses X-ray images to look for blockages in your blood vessels (arteries or veins).

The actor-turned-politician underwent a heart procedure at the Asian Hospital in Muntinlupa City. Although it was successful, the doctors advised him to monitor his blood pressure.

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