Walden Bello Claims Vice President Sara Duterte Behind his Arrest

Walden Bello on Sara Duterte after his arrest: “She is behind it”

WALDEN BELLO – The former vice-presidential candidate claimed that Vice President Sara Duterte was behind his arrest.

Walden Bello and Sara Duterte
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It was on Monday when Bello was arrested by the members of the Philippine National Police (PNP) by the virtue of a warrant of arrest filed by Jefry Tupas, former Davao City information officer.

Bello was apprehended at Quezon City hall for libel and cyberlibel.

Months ago, Bello accused Tupas of involving in the illegal drug trade, which the latter vehemently denied.

But according to Bello, Sara Duterte was the “mastermind” in the charges filed against him.

In an interview with The Source of CNN, he said that he’s going to prove that he’s innocent. He then claimed that Duterte is “obsessing” with him.

“They have pushed this case to the legal process ending in my being arrested. It is a case of the Vice President being really, really upset by the truth of the record as mayor of Davao and responding in this way, weaponizing the law. It is the Vice President that is obsessing over me…She should just stop evading the issue. She is behind it. Everybody knows that,” he said.

Meanwhile, Vice President Sara Duterte denied that she has something to do with the arrest of Bello. According to her, she’s yet to file a cyber libel case against anyone ever since.

It can be recalled that Sara Duterte declared Bello a persona non-grata when the latter claimed that the city is the drug smuggling center of the South.

Walden Bello has been released after posting bail.

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